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the Home of Solar Electric Freedom would like to invite you to participate in one of the Solar Industries Most Rewarding

"Referral Partner Programs"!

How it Works!

Solar Electric Freedom invites you to

877-Solar-Guy (877-765-2748), at which time you will be connected with one of our Solar Consultants who will then explain the program and what this,

"No Cost Money Making Opportunity", means to you!

Solar Electric Freedom’s Referal Partner Commission Schedule:

Residential Systems, Size Sold:  Under  4 KWs  =

Referral Fee = $ 250.00USD

Residential Systems, Size Sold:  Over     4 KWs =

Referral Fee = $ 500.00USD

Commercial Systems, Size Sold:  Under 20KWs =

Referral Fee =$   500.00USD 

Commercial Systems, Size Sold:  Over    20KWs =

Referral Fee=$1,000.00 USD


All Referral Partners will be paid on Sold Systems Only and paid on a,

"Contact Labor" basis and will be subject to 1099 tax status. (W9 required)


Referral Partners with Solar Electric Freedom;

  • Are not employees of Solar Electric Freedom and as such are not entitled to employee benefits. 
  • Do not have financial authority to commit Solar Electric Freedom to any direction or monetary obligations.  All quotes and contracts shall be approved by the president of Solar Electric Freedom in writing.
  • Are not entitled to give assumed or implied direction in any terms or aspects of company direction, management, operation, employee relationships or employment. 
  • Are not entitled to use Solar Electric Freedom’s name, business license, contractor’s licenses, insurance, equipment or other company assets on any outside work, either your own or for other entities.
As a Referral Partner of Solar Electric Freedom, you are tasked to represent Solar Electric Freedom, through communication and interactions with potential customers.  You shall conduct yourself with the highest conduct and decorum expected of anyone representing Solar Electric Freedom and act appropriately in all aspects.
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Mesa, AZ
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ROC 315008

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience and professionalism.
Chuck and Sandy Cooper

I would recommend SESP to anyone considering a solar photovoltaic system design/installation.
Charles Barney

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