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Solar cell technology has finally come of age.

  • Modern solar electric panels are guaranteed for 25 years and last much more.
  • Cost of systems are cheaper than running in a new public utility line.
  • Life cycle cost per kilowatt-hour is less expensive than public utility costs.
  • Modern inverters (or power condition system, PCS) have conversion efficiencies in the upper 90% range.
  • Gigawatts are being generated in the US and  in many foreign countries.
  • Solar Electric Systems are already in use by EVERY Government agency and NASA.
  • In the US, tens of thousands of homes are already solely powered by Solar Electric Systems
  • Thousands of villages in foreign countries enjoy necessities and conveniences provided solely by Solar Electric Systems

The sun will always be with us

  • No fuel to purchase
  • No green house gasses
  • No toxic waste to dispose of
  • Fossil fuels are being depleted
  • No new power lines over your head
  • No nuclear fuel waste to find a place for
  • No maintenance repairs or rebuilding of generator equipment

If you would like to see a video of what a typical installation, make sure to visit our Videos page.

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